SPEAKER: Valerie Ballard,

Executive Director,

Operation Tiny House

Tiny houses are built by volunteer groups, contractors and donated materials. The purpose of this program is to honor and serve those who have served our country.

Lions Organ and Eye Bank


SPEAKER: Julie Camacho, President Lions Organ & Eye Bank

The purpose of the Lions Organ and Eye Bank of District 2-E2, Inc. is to promote the conservation, restoration, and transplantation of human organs and eyes, and the prevention, treatment, and research of blindness and diabetes.



The theme for World Diabetes Day 2020 is The Nurse and Diabetes. The campaign aims to raise awareness around the crucial role that nurses play in supporting people living with diabetes.

Nurses currently account for over half of the global health workforce. They do outstanding work to support people living with a wide range of health concerns. People who either live with diabetes or are at risk of developing the condition need their support too.

People living with diabetes face a number of challenges, and education is vital to equip nurses with the skills to support them.

As the number of people with diabetes continues to rise across the world, the role of nurses and other health professional support staff becomes increasingly important in managing the impact of the condition.

Healthcare providers and governments must recognise the importance of investing in education and training. With the right expertise, nurses can make the difference for people affected by diabetes.


Join us to stay updated on all CLC Business. Orientation for this meeting will be: CLC Organization and Board of Directors by President Mike Lueckenhoff


SPEAKER: Tracy Herbert

Diabetes expert, Tracy Herbert shares proven strategies and new research that helps listeners take control of their health and avoid problems common to us all, like anxiety, depression, stress, and burnout.

If you suffer from physical or emotional distress, and especially from diabetes like Tracy, you will find the latest research, information, motivation, and tried-and-true methods which are simple to use, and understand through Tracy’s easy-to-follow format, upbeat speaking ability, and helpful links where you can read more.

Tracy Herbert practices what she teaches as a Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Best-Selling Author.

This grandmother of five did something no one else her age has ever done! She rode her bicycle 3,527 miles across the United States; from California to New York! Throughout her entire cycling journey, she learned about perseverance, healthy living, both emotionally and physically, and maintaining a healthy spirit. She shares these insights, along with her wisdom of living successfully with Type 1 Diabetes for over 40 years with you.

If you are a parent of a child just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, or you or someone you love has just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, or emerging Pre-Diabetes, then this podcast is for you. Are you ready to take control of your health? Listen to “Your Diabetes Breakthrough” today.


SPEAKER: Captain Bill Wait (Ret.), Bell Helicopter Flight Test Center

Bill Wait joined the Civil Air Patrol when he was 14 as a cadet, enrolled in Air Force ROTC and finished his education with a degree in history from San Diego State, after which he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.  He was stationed in, among other places, Dyess AFB in Abilene working on C-130s and Viet Nam working on AC-119K gunships, A-37 and F-100 fighters, and Holloman AFB in New Mexico, working on F-4s.  He retired from the Air Force after 11 ½ years of service.

He joined Bell Helicopter in the mid 1970s and with minor detours retired from Bell in 2006, having worked on programs that included the V-22 Osprey.  He then rejoined the Air Force Reserve at Carswell AFB, and finally retired in 1995 with a total of 26 years of service.  He is currently the Volunteer Coordinator at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Frisco, Texas, where he has volunteered since July 2013

Texas Lions Foundation


SPEAKER: PDG Ron Layland

Texas Lions Foundation (TLF) is an organization committed to filling humanitarian needs throughout the world. (TLF History) As a public, non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, its purpose is to promote human welfare by careful application of contributed funds. (TLF Donations & Awards Form).

TLF concentrates its efforts in two areas: humanitarian services and disaster relief. (Grant guidelines) The Foundation strives to support projects that, while falling into one of these two categories, also have long-term and far reaching effects, and promote the objectives of the Texas Lions Foundation. Overall, the Foundation maintains a strong commitment to helping people achieve their own potential, and to implementing projects that make permanent and positive changes. Projects are favored that provide benefits to as many people as possible.


The Colleyville Lions & Leos are participating in Walk to End Alzheimer’s® on October 17th.
We are striving to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research.
We are leading the way to Alzheimer’s first survivor — but your help is needed!
Last year the Colleyville Lions Team was the TOP FUND RAISING TEAM for the Grapevine event with over $6,000 in contributions, and we didn’t even get started until 6 weeks before the event. I have no doubt, with this early start, we can reach our $10,000 goal by October 17th!

Will you join me on this important day by walking beside me? With you on my team, together we can make a real difference in the fight against the nation’s sixth-leading cause of death.
Registration is easy; simply visit our Walk to End Alzheimer’s Lions & Leos page and join our team.

If you’re unable to participate, please consider making a donation to our fundraising campaign.
Please visit our Lions & Leos fundraising page to make a secure, online donation or write a check. Check donations should be made out to the Alzheimer’s Association.
You can a mail check to the Alzheimer’s Association along with the form available on our fundraising page, or mail your check donation to me and I can deposit it directly to the Alzheimer’s Association.

All donations benefit the Alzheimer’s Association — and every dollar makes a difference in this fight. Together, we can end Alzheimer’s disease!

Thank you for your support.

Lion David Phelps (972)467-7319
304 Bridlewood N. Colleyville, Texas 76034
Team Captain – Colleyville Lions & Leo Clubs

District 2E2 Eyeglass Recycling Center Logo


All Colleyville Lions and their families and friends are invited to help at the District 2-E2 Recycling Center the 3rd Saturday of each month.

We cycle a lot of glasses through this center each month and can use all the help we can get! Your volunteer time is greatly valued.

District 2E2 Eyeglass Recycling Center Logo


All Colleyville Lions and their families and friends are invited to help at the District 2-E2 Recycling Center the 3rd Saturday of each month.

We cycle a lot of glasses through this center each month and can use all the help we can get! Your volunteer time is greatly valued.